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6 kinds of advertising materials, what have you seen?

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As an advertiser, you must understand different new materials, new processes, and new ideas in time, and then use it in the design and production of advertising logos. Today, I will introduce several new materials that make advertisers scream, which may provide important ideas for market development and new product development.

Graphene nano -coating

Graphene is 100 times stronger than steel, light, almost transparent, and has high -quality thermal conductivity and conductivity new materials. In the fields of solar power generation, electronics, biomedicine, etc., are all applied, and are used in the purest form and large -scale production. But it is not easy to use it with other materials. It has a characteristic that it allows other materials to coat its surface so that people can obtain it with the cheapest and efficient channels.

Far infrared warm paintings are a typical example of graphene applications in the advertising industry. Far infrared warm paintings are a patented technology that uses "graphene water -based carbon nano -temperature radiation heating". A type of graphene flexible heater that is convenient for storage, a temperature -controlled heating painting and infrared human sensor. Graphene far-infrared warm paintings, fast heating and high efficiency, the highest surface temperature can reach 75-85 ° C, and the electric heating conversion rate is as high as 99%. It not only greatly saves space and electricity costs, but also a exquisite mural, making the room more tasteful and grade.

Karta-PACK (cotton fiber)

The material with a recovery rate of 100 % is it, and it has the softness of cotton and the rigidity of plastic. Abolition jeans and T -shirts account for the main recycling ratio. The emergence of KP not only helps to recover millions of clothing each year, but also has a sense of luxury itself, making it a high -quality choice for high -end packaging. You can imagine the fun of taking out objects from those cotton bags. Dent also said that furniture designers can also use it to innovate furniture like fabrics, and do not have to worry about it that it cannot support a person's weight.

Color conductive ink

Although the conductive ink has appeared for many years, these ink has only two colors: silver and black. DENT mentioned: "Technical Serving Aesthetics." However, a new breakthrough, the birth of the ink of ink and the technical means of conductive ink can get almost any color you want. A potential purpose is in smart clothing and wearable devices. Imagine that when you are wearing a jacket, there is a very attractive design and special printing pattern on the sleeves. When it plays a role, you only need to touch it to control your iPhone.

Re> Crete

Concrete is a composite material, which is basically consisting of a bunch of garbage -mainly with sand and gravel bonding with cement. Re> Crete is different from ordinary concrete. In addition to using sand and gravel, it can also regain paper newspapers and junk mail, ground packaging polystyrene foam plastic, household electronic line, credit card and CD, housing paint, cotton velvet , Cement, fly ash. With Re> Crete, the building tomorrow will be completed with today's garbage.

plastic paper

Between paper and plastic, it is easy to print, recycle, and more easy to produce perfect packaging. Although this may not change

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